Residents want to know whether land can be repaired

6:57 am on 23 March 2011

Residents in one of the Christchurch suburbs worst hit by the earthquakes want the Government to give them certainty about whether they will be able to rebuild on their land.

Many homes in Avondale were badly damaged by the 4 September quake, then again in the destructive 6.3 aftershock in February, and residents fear they will have to go through a lengthy wait to hear if the land will be repaired.

Gordon Neale's home was to be demolished following September's quake, but the family had hoped to rebuild on the site.

Now the Neales fear they will have to wait another six months to learn what's been decided about the land.

A spokesperson for the Earthquake Commission says they are working as fast as they can, but at this stage cannot say when decisions about restoring the land will be made.