Survivor tells of rescue from Pyne Gould building

6:19 pm on 10 March 2011

A man pulled from a collapsed building says his life will change as a result of the Christchurch earthquake.

The quake on 22 February devastated many buildings in the central business district, including the Pyne Gould Corporation and CTV buildings, where many people lost their lives.


Nick Walls was working in the Pyne Gould building when the quake hit and became trapped after diving under his desk.

From his bedside in Christchurch Hospital's orthopaedic ward, Mr Walls told Radio New Zealand he dived under his desk and felt the building concertina down but was injured when the desk broke and pinned him.

It took emergency crews about 10 hours to rescue him from the rubble.

Mr Walls says part of the muscle on his backside needed to be surgically removed and he will now need to be a lot more conscious of doing the right sort of exercise so it doesn't impact on his legs and behind.

He says his colleague Ros, who was trapped nearby and also survived, was a source of comfort during their long wait to be rescued.