Emergency department reports heavy workload

11:00 am on 1 March 2011

Christchurch Hospital says its emergency department provided care for 181 patients on Sunday.

It says that by late Monday afternoon there were 22 patients in the emergency department.

Canterbury District Health Board says there are 324 patients in the hospital, and 12 patients in intensive care.

Cancer services returned to normal on Monday, and patients receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy were being asked to attend their booked appointments.

Meals on Wheels will resume on Tuesday.

The health board says almost 200 resthome residents have been transferred out of Christchurch.

Christchurch Hospital is encouraging orthopaedic patients who were sent away after the earthquake to visit the outpatient department.

Orthopaedic clinical director John McKie says patients scheduled to come in for fracture follow-ups last week had their appointments cancelled.

He says the department is now well staffed after colleagues from Auckland and Wellington arrived to help.

Dr McKie says more than 100 people have been admitted to the hospital since the earthquake and almost the same number have undergone operations.

Visits to the doctor and prescriptions for Christchurch people will be free until Sunday.

Simon Wynn-Thomas, who is part of the community medical response team, says those needing medical attention should contact their GP.

Dr Wynn-Thomas says that if people are unable to contact their doctor, they should call 365 7777, which will put them in touch with the nearest medical centre. About 80% of pharmacies in the city are open.