Student army's ranks grow - along with job list

4:13 pm on 26 February 2011

The Canterbury University-run student army, which is helping people around the city, already has about 1,000 jobs that need to be done.

The students and other volunteers have been helping residents by shovelling tonnes of liquefaction from backyards, as well as delivering water and other odd jobs.

Louis Brown, one of the student army organisers, says that in the past 24 hours the offers of more volunteers and also requests for help have grown hugely.

She says people should go to to register as a volunteer or to log requests for help. They can also text 5627, then ''# help me'', followed with their name, address, and type of assistance needed.

Meanwhile, the Otago University Students' Association is looking for more volunteers to help pack lunches for the Canterbury student army.

The association's communications co-ordinator, Alasdair Johnston, says it has recieved plenty of food but needs more help packing them at the student union building.

More details can be found at