Evacuations in Christchurch suburb of Redcliffs

2:05 pm on 25 February 2011

Twelve streets in the suburb of Redcliffs were evacuated on Thursday night because of unstable cliffs.

The residents of homes behind Redcliffs Primary School were told to leave their homes about 10pm and were to spend the night in welfare centres at Cowes Stadium and Pioneer Recreation and Sport Centre.

Superintendent Russell Gibson says police and specialist engineers evacuated the area they believed was posing a danger and other residents shouldn't worry about further evacuations for now. The stability of the area will continue to be monitored closely.

A Radio New Zealand reporter in Redcliffs on Friday morning said the danger of rockfalls was still very real and described hearing a loud crack from the rock face.

The reporter says a body was removed on Thursday from a house in Redcliffs that had been largely flattened by a rockfall during Tuesday's earthquake.

Meanwhile, the number of teams checking on people and houses in the suburbs of Christchurch doubled on Friday to 80.

Each team has a building inspector, an engineer, a person from the Earthquake Commission and a welfare volunteer.