Some more affected than others by quakes - psychologist

9:05 am on 21 January 2011

A clinical psychologist says that while the people of Canterbury are showing resilience after months of aftershocks following the earthquake in September, some are finding it particularly hard.

Nine aftershocks were recorded near Christchurch on Thursday; the biggest was magnitude 5.1. A magnitude 4.4 quake was recorded at 2.12am on Friday.

Dr Fran Vertue of Christchurch says some people are more sensitive to aftershocks because of the way their brains are wired and the chronic uncertainty may lead to depression and anxiety

She told Summer Report that children in particular, pick up on adult stress and need to be reminded they are brave for having lived through the earthquake.

Dr Vertue said parents of clingy children may find modelling brave behaviour helps their children's stress levels.