Town Hall too important to lose - mayor

6:03 am on 24 November 2012

Mayor Bob Parker acknowledges his council's decision to save the Town Hall may hinder the Government's plans for the city, but he says the building is too important to lose.

At a meeting on Thursday councillors voted unanimously to spend $127 million repairing the earthquake-damaged building; $70 million of which will come from insurance.

This will bring the building to 100% of the building code.

Mr Parker accepts the vote may cause problems, but says the people of Christchurch want to save the building.

But the Government isn't ruling out overriding the decision.

Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee says the decision could put on hold plans for a performing arts centre, which is planned for in the Government's blueprint for the city centre.

Mr Brownlee said it is unlikely the city can have both, however, he admits the council may have information that he does not about repair options.

Christchurch Heritage Trust chairman Derek Anderson says the Town Hall is a 20th century heritage building and is delighted by the council's decision.