Meeting to discuss action to stop Cathedral demolition

5:13 pm on 6 September 2012

A public meeting on Thursday night will discuss legal action being taken to save the ChristChurch Cathedral from demolition.

The Great Christchurch Building Trust - one of several groups fighting to save the badly earthquake-damaged Anglican church has lodged an application with the High Court.

A hearing is expected in three to four weeks.

Jim Anderton, the trust's co-chairman and former Wigram MP, says it's up to the court to decide whether the Anglican Church Trustees have the right to demolish the building, when a large group of people in Christchurch want it restored.

"It's simply a question of the law - whether the trustees have got the authority to do what they want to do.

"They want to pull it down and many in Christchurch, including us, of course, want the opportunity to restore it. And it's a question in law as to whether the trustees have the authority to do that or not."

Mr Anderton says the restoration of the Cathedral could cost up to $100 million and is confident that, along with insurance, a network of investors will fund the rebuild.

However, he says that until a decision has been made to restore the church, investors will not provide funds for it.

Members of the Restore ChristChurch Cathedral group, Historic Places Canterbury and the Christchurch Civic Trust will also attend the meeting beginning at 7.30pm.