Angry Christchurch residents confront EQC chief

6:05 pm on 8 August 2012

More than 100 Christchurch residents have confronted the head of the Earthquake Commission on Wednesday afternoon, angry at what they say is a lack of action of their quake-damaged homes.

Protest organiser Reverend Mike Coleman of the Wider Earthquake Communities Action Network says the homeowners have had enough excuses from the commission.

The TC3 homeowners took part in a rally outside the Christchurch headquarters of the EQC, with the commission's chief executive Ian Simpson and its manager of customer services, Bruce Emson, standing outside the office to hear the often emotional residents outline their complaints.

TC3 land is land which is so damaged that it is unclear what foundations are required.

There are 28,000 homes in the category known as TC3 with an estimated 10,000 homes having significant foundation damage and 4,000 that need rebuilding.

Mr Simpson says he will meet again, within the week, with organisers of the protest to try to give certainty over unresolved land claims in Christchurch.

He assured the protesters that he would meet with the organisers to talk about releasing land reports and how to improve communication.