Commission hears CTV construction manager not 'up to job'

8:04 pm on 8 August 2012

The construction manager who worked on the Canterbury Television Building was questioned on Wednesday about the lack of supervision he provided to workers on the building site when it was being erected in 1987.

The construction manager, Gerald Shirtcliff, stated in his written evidence to the commission that he had limited involvement in the construction, and only visited the site about once a month.

Giving evidence via videolink at the Royal Commission on the building's collapse during the February 2011 earthquake, which killed 115 people Mr Shirtcliff said he was engaged with four projects at the time he was the construction manager for the CTV building.

He confirmed that he rarely visited the site, he did not visit the site when structural elements were completed or concrete was about to be poured, and instead relied on others to keep him updated.

But Michael Brooks, the former managing director of the construction company that employed Mr Shirtcliff, says he should have been visiting the site everyday.

Mr Brooks says in hindsight, he does not think the construction manager, Gerald Shirtcliff, offered enough guidance as a team leader on the construction site.

"We had a team of foreman and essentially they didn't need supervising, but what they did need from time to time was guidance and mentoring. He just wasn't up to the job, it's as simple as that."