CTV building collapse focus of quake hearing

8:39 am on 25 June 2012

Some of the survivors of the collapse of the Canterbury Television Building will give evidence on Monday on the opening day of the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission hearings into the collapse.

Of the 185 people who died in the February 2011 earthquake, 115 lost their lives inside the CTV Building.

Three of the witnesses were on the top floor of the six-storey building.

A written statement will be read from the receptionist at Canterbury Television, who ran from the ground floor onto the street just before the building came down, killing most of her workmates.

Apology wanted

The husband of a woman who died in the collapse wants an apology from the engineer who designed the office block.

A report by the Department of Building and Housing report says the CTV building failed to meet construction standards when it was erected in 1986, something Alan Reay Consultants, the engineering firm which designed it, rejects.

Brian Kennedy, whose wife Faye died in the building, says an admission that mistakes were made would be welcomed and would soothe many of the families of those who died.

Mr Kennedy says his wife had misgivings about the building's safety in the months prior to its collapse.