Housing summit calls for red zone deadline extension

3:21 pm on 2 June 2012

Participants at a summit on Christchurch's housing crisis want the Government to extend the deadline by which red zone homeowners must leave their houses.

They say residents whose land has been deemed unsuitable for rebuilding should be able to stay in their homes until other accommodation is available.

Christchurch City Councillor Glenn Livingstone organised an initial housing summit, as well as the follow-up meeting held on Friday.

He says participants are preparing a 100-day housing plan and will seek local and central Government input.

Mr Livingstone says people should be able to stay in red-zoned homes until they have habitable, affordable housing to go to, rather than being required to move by a particular date.

He says that, since the first summit, Housing New Zealand has begun repairing its earthquake-damaged units and the council may also provide up to 40 disused units on a temporary basis.