Red zone residents want more time to move

6:11 am on 27 May 2012

Hundreds of Christchurch residents whose properties have been recently red-zoned are angry they've been given half the amount of time to move out compared with those whose homes were condemned almost a year ago.

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority sets a deadline for accepting the Government's buy-out offer and for moving out each time it rezones areas of land as red.

Residents in the suburbs of Richmond, Avonside and Linwood, who have had their homes zoned red in the past few months say they have been given a year to move out.

Richmond resident Anita Hansbury says people are concerned they won't have enough time to find a new home by April next year.

Ms Hansbury has sent a petition with hundreds of residents' signatures and a letter to the Government to ask for an extension to April 2014.

She said insurance and Earthquake Commission (EQC) claims can take as long as a year and she is worried people will run out of time.