14 Mar 2011

National Foods boss says more dairy innovation possible

8:35 am on 14 March 2011

The incoming boss of Australian food and beverage giant National Foods says there's still more innovation that can be done in dairy products.

Lion Nathan's Peter Kean will become managing director next month, overseeing an operation with an annual turnover of about $A3.5 billion

The company employs more than 4000 people producing juice, fresh dairy, cheese and soy products.

Mr Kean helped turn Lion from a beer company to a multi-beverage firm, and he says there are clear lessons learnt during his time there that he'll take to National Foods.

He says the firm was able to innovate so it could change from a business based on volume to one based more on margin.

Mr Kean says it is important to understand the supply chain, and not skimp on any part of it.

He says people are looking for healthier choice and that can translate into an opportunity to innovate in dairy and other products.