Website enables Ch'ch firms to say 'We're open'

8:02 am on 10 March 2011

The barter company BBX has launched a website that enables Christchurch firms to advertise that they're open for business, following last month's earthquake.

BBX services about 400 companies in Christchurch, enabling them to trade goods and services without cash.

Managing director Ian Jones says about half of those companies are out of action because of the quake and those that are open still face serious problems. A lot of people don't even know they're open for business, he says.

"People in the city want to know which businesses are up and running," Mr Jones says, "so our IT department in Australia have put this site together so businesses could register and tell the world, 'Hey, we're open for trading'."

Mr Jones says 80 companies have already signed up to the site (