8 Nov 2022

Over-50s employees more willing to put in extra effort, survey finds

1:51 pm on 8 November 2022

Frog Recruitment says over-50s can use their hard-working traits to their advantage. File photo. Photo:

The grey army is more likely to go the extra mile in the office compared their younger counterparts according to a new survey.

Frog Recruitment's survey of the generational divide shows 54 percent of workers aged over-50 believe they go above and beyond compared to just 17 percent of respondents under 25.

Of the staff aged between 25 and 50, 43 percent felt they were doing more than they needed to.

Frog Recruitment managing director Shannon Barlow said the over-50s could use their hard-working traits to their advantage.

"If the over-50s are looking at new opportunities or looking to get ahead in their current roles that they can play on those stereotypes," Barlow said.

"They can say 'look I'm really hard-working, I'm not going to be the one who is always looking for time out, and I'm really focussed on my role'.

"They can use that to their advantage and play to those strengths."

Conversely older workers needed to be careful they managed their work life balance to avoid burnout.

"The concept of achieving 'work-life-balance' is new for mature workers," she said.

"It was once perceived to get ahead in your career, you had to be seen working extra hours. It's only recently that working smarter and with flexibility, not longer, has been the modus operandi for a productive workforce."

Younger workers were prioritising their well-being which she felt was a positive.

"After what we now know about burnout in the workplace, it's vital people protect themselves from exhaustion and be extra careful not to burn the candle at both ends - particularly the middle generation who may be juggling work responsibilities with bringing up a family while squeezing in time to exercise, volunteer or perhaps even study."

Employers should tap into the needs of each generation to fill skills shortages, she said.

"Many of our clients want to attract a younger workforce, and we know employers offering policies that genuinely support healthy work-life balance will do this more successfully than those organisations that don't," Barlow said.

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