3 Mar 2022

Hybrid workers the happiest and most innovative employees - study

10:46 am on 3 March 2022

Covid has ushered in the era of hybrid working, with fewer long and expensive commutes, more time with family, and a chance to work the hours that suit, according to a two-year study.

Man working on notebook, with a fresh cup of tea or coffee. Home work concept.

Photo: 123RF

A study by Auckland University of Technology (AUT) indicates a hybrid work from home and office model was gaining favour, with a better outcome for employees.

AUT Business School Professor Jarrod Haar says the study shows nearly half of the workforce (48 percent) was working from home and office on a 50-50 basis.

About 39 percent were working full time at the office, while less than 15 percent were working at home full time.

He said the study also shows hybrid workers were the happiest and most innovative employees.

In contrast, full-time office-based workers scored the lowest in terms of innovation, while remote workers fell somewhere in between.

"Hybrid workers clearly benefit from higher levels of trust from their managers and respond well to the independence and flexibility of hybrid working," Haar said.

"However, employees working solely from home might suffer from a lack of clear-cut boundaries, as well as isolation and loneliness."