2 Sep 2021

Businesses now have to reapply for wage subsidy scheme every fortnight

2:15 pm on 2 September 2021

Businesses are being reminded they will need to apply for a next round of wage subsidies every two weeks, with the first deadline coming up tonight.

Most retirees will eventually rely on superannuation.

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Unlike last year's scheme, the current wage subsidy scheme requires businesses to reapply for support every fortnight, although the core settings of programme are unchanged.

Applications for the second tranche open tomorrow morning, with applications for the first tranche closing tonight.

Businesses and self-employed people must fill out the application form on the Ministry of Social Development website, agree to a new declaration and meet all eligibility criteria.

Employers and Manufacturers Association manager Alan McDonald said there had been some confusion about the changes.

"With the wage subsidy scheme, the advice that has been right in from the start and also, last time around as well, is just get in and apply."

A number of small businesses also needed support to pay their rent, MacDonald said.

"Lease costs are something that hopefully the government might look at some assistance for tenants, because this was a problem last time, and the longer the lockdowns go, the harder it gets for those businesses without revenue to meet their leasehold costs, particularly those SMEs and those small businesses that just can't open."

Businesses could also apply for the leave support scheme and short-term absence payment as appropriate, as well as the resurgence support payment, which was a one-off payment administered by Inland Revenue to help meet fixed costs.