8 Jan 2010

Fall in orders hits Boeing

6:04 am on 8 January 2010

Boeing has reported a 61% drop in commercial aircraft orders for 2009.

The US aircraft maker said a total of 263 planes were ordered last year, down from 662 in 2008.

But the number of commercial aircraft it actually delivered last year rose 28% to 481.

Boeing said the global recession and the resulting fall in demand for air travel was to blame for the decline in orders.

Net orders - which take into account cancellations - were down to 142 for the year.

Unfulfilled orders at the end of the year amounted to 3,375, with 851 of those for the 787 Dreamliner.

The BBC reports the first deliveries of the Dreamliner, which saw its first flight in 2009, are scheduled for the end of 2010 following numerous delays.

Boeing's European competitor Airbus is due to report its order figures on 12 January.