13 Mar 2020

Campervan company Tourism Holdings to update market

5:35 am on 13 March 2020

Tourism Holdings is quickly taking stock and will update the market later today, following the announcement that all travel from Europe to the US is to be stalled for 30 days.

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Photo: 123rf.com

The campervan rental and tourism company which operates in the US had already signalled profits would take a hit because of the Covid-19 outbreak and the Australian bushfires.

Chief executive Grant Webster said it needed to gather the facts before making any announcements.

"The first thing we'll look at - and we've already started - is working out what needs to happen with customers, customers that are affected, cancellation policies, all those sorts of things.

"On a financial impact for the market that's obviously looking at our domestic versus international bookings that we have for the time period that's been indicated and then some scenarios beyond that time period as well."

"Dealing with fact is important, dealing in speculation is difficult."

The company had expected a full-year profit of around $24 million compared with last year's $29.8m.

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