15 Nov 2018

Radio stations to merge in MediaWorks restructure

4:06 pm on 15 November 2018

A major restructure is underway at broadcaster Mediaworks, with two of its radio stations set to merge.

Michael Anderson, MediaWorks chief executive.

Mediaworks chief executive Michael Anderson said the aim was to offer a "talk-music hybrid". Photo: supplied

According to an email to staff, RadioLIVE will be merged with the Magic network in early 2019, with the new entity to be called Magic Talk.

The email said the merged station would offer both music and talk radio.

"The merged entity will operate a music station and a talk station, and the talk station will be run by the music radio side of our business."

It would mean "significant change" to most shows, although the Rural Exchange show and The AM Show would stay the same.

Newshub would also continue to be simulcast in the evening.

The email said the move would give Mediaworks a new way to engage talk audiences, build revenue and reduce costs.

It acknowledged it would be a difficult time with uncertainty around what this will mean for staff.

Mediaworks chief executive Michael Anderson said in a separate email that the aim is to offer a "talk-music hybrid".

He stressed that it was a strategic move.

"I want to be clear that this decision is in no way reflective of all the hard work and passion that has gone into RadioLIVE over the years and in particular, in the last couple of years."