24 Jan 2018

NZ an attractive place to work - global survey

1:20 pm on 24 January 2018

A new report has ranked New Zealand 12th out of 119 countries in its ability to attract and develop top working talent.

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The Global Talent Competitiveness Index uses nearly 100 criteria to judge different countries' ability to construct a skilled workforce.

The index ranked New Zealand as the most politically stable and least corrupt country in the world.

The country also ranked first in ease of doing business, tolerance of immigrants, and personal rights.

However, New Zealand ranked poorly in terms of its gender wage gap and proportion of high school graduates, landing in the 50th percentile for both those barometers.

Switzerland topped the list, followed by Singapore, the USA, and Norway.

New Zealand was one place below Australia, but beat out countries like Ireland, Iceland, Canada and Germany.