20 Nov 2016

Small businesses fume over Warehouse pop-up plan

11:24 am on 20 November 2016

Business people in the small Northland community of Kawakawa are fuming over plans by the Warehouse to open a pop-up shop in the town this summer.

The retail giant has leased a shop in Kawakawa's main street for December, January and February.

Business Association chair Malcolm Francis said it was a selfish bid to cream off the holiday trade in a town where local retailers struggled to survive.

Mr Francis, who owns Kawakawa's Hammer Hardware, said he would like to give Warehouse founder Stephen Tindall a piece of his mind.

He said his trade would not be badly hurt, but the Warehouse pop-up could kill other, more marginal businesses.

Mr Francis said there were big Warehouse stores in nearby towns including Kaikohe and there was no need for the big store to plunder Kawakawa.