10 Jun 2015

Right of access for UFB roll-out in spotlight

4:38 pm on 10 June 2015

The telecommunications industry is welcoming a government push to speed up the installation of ultra-fast broadband.


Photo: RNZ

A government discussion document proposes changes to make it easier for operators to gain access to shared private property, such as driveways and apartment buildings.

Chorus has expressed frustrations about the right of access, arguing it is causing unnecessary delays.

Spark welcomed any moves to simplify the process for connecting customers to the fibre network.

The proposed change means private property owners will be deemed to have given their consent if they don't raise any objection.

The chief executive of the telecommunications users association, Craig Young, said the proposals would be especially helpful to small and medium-sized businesses located in multi-unit complexes.

"If these proposals go through, then we'll we able to move a lot quicker in getting fibre into the business."