15 Apr 2015

Chorus accuses Commisson of delay tactics

3:56 pm on 15 April 2015

Chorus is criticising the Commerce Commission for, yet again, delaying its decision on what price it can charge its customers for access to broadband-over-copper-wires.

But the Commission said the delay was caused by Chorus itself, after submitting new evidence yesterday.

It was the fourth time in two years that the Commission had extended its review into how much Chorus could charge its customers.

The Commission wanted to cut the price, but the final amount had been under dispute.

It said Chorus submitted new documents yesterday and all parties involved now need more time to review them.

But Chorus spokesman Nathan Beaumont said the company did not accept that reasoning.

He said its submission did not introduce substantial new information and it should not be used as a justification to delay the process further.

The Commission now expected its final decision to be made in December.

And a short time ago, Chorus's share price was down 1 percent to $2.975.