1 Apr 2015

Diligent appoints new CEO

2:40 pm on 1 April 2015

Diligent Board Member Services founder Alex Sodi is stepping aside as the company leader to make room for Brian Stafford, who takes over as president and chief executive, effective today.

The software-as-a-service company said Mr Sodi would keep his seat on the board and become the chief product strategy officer, but he would be focused on the design and development of Diligent's products, as the chief product strategy officer, reporting to Mr Stafford.

Mr Stafford has extensive experience in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry and joins Diligent from New York-based, consultancy firm, McKinsey & Co, where he was a partner.

He said Diligent has a relatively low profile and his focus will be on accelerating global growth and helping the company scale up to take advantage of the opportunities ahead.

"I have worked with dozens of SaaS companies and Diligent is truly unique. For a company that has a relatively low profile in the SaaS world, I think it has enormous potential, and Alex deserves the utmost praise for building Diligent to where it is today," Mr Stafford said.

"I am thrilled that we were able to recruit Brian away from McKinsey. Today we have put one of the world's foremost experts SaaS growth strategies in charge of maximizing our revenue growth," chair of the board David Liptak said.

Sales of Diligent's existing Boardbooks product were expected to pass US$100 million this year, but the company had been moving to develop other products, as sales of its flagship product slows.