8 Oct 2014

Many businesses lack web presence

2:22 pm on 8 October 2014

A survey of small to medium-sized businesses in New Zealand has found 47 percent do not have any kind of online presence.

The survey by accounting software company MYOB found 22 percent of businesses operate a business website only, 9 percent have only a social media site for their business and 16 percent have both.

The survey of sole traders through to businesses employing 20 people found, of those which did have an online presence, 46 percent saw an increase in sales compared with just 35 percent of businesses without an online presence.

MYOB's chief technology officer, Simon Raik-Allen said there were significant opportunities in being online, even for sole traders.

"There's many advantages as a sole trader, especially about being found, you need a presence, people need a presence, people need to be able to find you."

He said that when businesses had an online presence they got a lot more customer inquiries, and each inquiry is an interaction or engagement with the customer, and it can lead to a potential sale.

He also said a website added to a business' credibility.