7 Jul 2014

TradeMe job ad numbers still rising

3:57 pm on 7 July 2014

Jobs advertised on the TradeMe website in the June quarter were up 19 percent, continuing the trend shown since September last year.

Advertised roles rose in all regions, which was quite unusual, TradeMe Jobs head Peter Osborne said.

Growth in advertising was particularly strong in Auckland and Christchurch, with both up 21 percent, although other regions, including Waikato, Otago and Wellington, also showed double-digit growth.

Mr Osborne said the outcome was unambiguously strong.

"Year on year, we saw a 19 percent growth in the number of jobs advertised which I think in anyone's books is a really healthy number and fairly similar to what we've seen over the previous quarters," he said.

"So we've seen nine months of quite solid growth."

It was positive that the whole job economy was growing, Mr Osborne said.

"The traditional areas - while collar, IT, infrastructure-type roles in Auckland - continue to be very strong," he said.

"In other parts of the country, lots of trades and services, blue collar-type roles and roles covering quite a breadth of industry all went up, so it was very, very positive signs for us."