13 Jun 2014

Wynyard software to help police

6:55 am on 13 June 2014

Security software company Wynyard Group is working on a programme to help speed up police work by matching evidence taken from seized electronics to other cases they're working on.

It's part of the Advanced Crime Analytics Platform, which is under going research and testing.

Wynyard global marketing vice-president Saya Wahrlich said the programme would be targeted at law enforcement and border control agencies, and the analysis platform would have a range of different aspects to it.

"So it's definitely the advanced analytics capability that adds richness to different data sources so that investigators can see a more broad view of a case at any one time," Ms Wahrlich said.

The platform included the company's Digital Evidence Investigator tool, which was launched this week.

It had been developed to analyse data from devices such as phones and laptops and search through Google browser and social media histories.

Wynyard was both developing and testing the products worldwide.

"We're investing very, very heavily in research and developments," Ms Wahrlich said.

"We're really working to pull together our advanced analytics platform and add richness and depth and different ways that our customers can use our products, and we see digital evidence investigator as a key part of that."

Ms Wahrlich said the volume of devices seized by police was growing exponentially.

Meanwhile, the company has won a three-year contract with the Tatts Group, to manage the gambling operator's governance, risk and compliance programme.

Tatts, which mainly operates in Australia but also runs a British-based slot machine business, said effective risk management had become increasingly critical for organisations carrying out financial transaction activities.