12 Jun 2014

Wynyard launches data extraction aid

1:32 pm on 12 June 2014

Security software company Wynyard Group is launching a tool to save police time when searching through digital evidence from seized mobile phones and laptops.

The tool can identify images in pictures and videos, and can also analyse emails, texts, instant messenger chats on Skype, and people's Google search histories.

The original technology was bought from New Zealand police two years ago and Wynyard said it has worked with police agencies around the world to refine the product.

Global marketing vice-president Saya Wahrlich said it's used to help make quicker decisions on cases.

Particularly in trans-national cases where the volume of devices seized is growing and a way is needed to process and extract data rapidly, she said.

Ms Wahrlich said the software is being tested in pilot schemes by police around the world.