28 Feb 2014

Pipfruit exports drive profits

1:39 pm on 28 February 2014

Turners and Growers says its turn-around in profit has been driven by exports, particularly pipfruit sales.

The fruit and vegetable company's net profit for 2013 was $16.2 million up from a $15.3 million loss the previous year.

The company says better market conditions and improved access to new markets and customers helped boost exports.

Some parts of the company didn't have such a good year, with a lack of flowers hurting Floramax and Status Produce unable to repeat last year's profit due to a long, warm autumn lowering the price of tomatoes.

Chief executive of Turners and Growers Alastair Hulbert says pipfruit exports have been particularly successful.

The company's revenue was $734 million for the year to December, up from $669 million the year before.