25 Feb 2014

Wynyard reports $10.1m loss

8:00 am on 25 February 2014

Wynyard Group has reported a loss of $10.1 million for the nine months to December.

Official comparisons are not available because Wynyard was only created in its current form when it was floated in July last year. However, a like-for-like informal comparison shows the security software company's annual loss widened to $11.1 million compared with $3.8 million the previous year.

But total revenue grew by nearly two-thirds to nearly $21.7 million, slightly above the prospectus forecast.

Wynyard's software helps solve problems such as drug-smuggling, human trafficking, gun-running and financial and cyber crime.

Chief executive Craig Richardson says the loss was $1 million more than forecast because of the higher costs of listing and growth.

"The objective we set ourselves is to grow this business and to grow it quickly, and that's where the resources are being deployed," he says. "Obviously we continue to build up the technology but also we're seeing a high level of demand for the products in all the markets we've entered and the resources are really being put behind the sales and marketing and service delivery of the products that we have."

Mr Richardson says Wynyard is confident it will exceed forecast revenue of $27 million this year.

A focus this year, he says, is to expand partnerships with people who sell the company's products.

Wynyard is not forecast to make a profit for at least two more years.