16 Aug 2013

ANZ pulls back from low deposit loans

1:44 pm on 16 August 2013

ANZ Bank continues to write mortgages in bumper amounts but is noticeably pulling back from the riskiest type of lending.

In its latest quarterly disclosure statement, the country's largest bank lent a net $903 million in new mortgages in the three months ended June, up from the more than $840 million it lent in the March quarter.

The figures mark the bank's sixth successive quarter of very strong growth in mortgage lending.

Some $874 million went to people with more than a 20% deposit.

Only $29 million, or 3.2%, of new lending went to people with deposits of less than 20%.

Lending to those unable to muster a deposit of 10% shrunk further, down by $247 million in the latest three months after shrinking by $114 million in the previous March quarter.

That supports anecdotal evidence that banks are already tightening their lending to those with skinny deposits ahead of any limits imposed by the Reserve Bank.

Earlier this week, the central bank indicated it might restrict such riskier mortgage lending by each bank to no more than 15% of total new lending.

Of its total mortgage book, ANZ's lending to people with less than a 20% deposit is now just below 24 percent.