14 Jul 2013

Qld govt rejects longer shopping hours

6:24 am on 14 July 2013

The state government in Queensland has ruled out longer trading hours for retailers to protect small businesses.

State Premier Campbell Newman said extended shopping hours could really hurt small business like the corner grocery shop.

"We don't want them to be smashed by the power of the two major supermarket chains who have very strong market power," Mr Newman said on Saturday.

"Simply going open slather would impact on smaller retailers and would ultimately lead to lower competition in the market place.

"We would only contemplate longer trading hours if there was a strong case for it. At this stage we don't see that."

AAP reports that under current laws, major retailers can generally open from 8am - 9pm on weekdays and only to 6pm on weekends.

A report by the Queensland Competition Authority issued earlier this year says retailers could make an extra $A200 million per year if restrictions were lifted.