16 Oct 2012

Dunedin firm sniffs out dog halitosis markets

7:44 am on 16 October 2012

Blis Technologies says a new treatment for bad breath in dogs should be on the market in the US and Europe in a year.

The Dunedin biotech firm says it has successfully completed the first phase in a research programme, focusing on preventing halitosis in dogs.

The trial used one of its products to reduce bad breath in humans, Blis K12 probiotic, to see if it works on dogs.

An earlier study found the probiotic inhibits about half the the various bacteria of a dog's mouth. The company will start longer tests to determine whether its product reduces bacterial infections in the teeth and gums of animals.

Blis chief executive Dr Barry Richardson says treatments for animals are a new direction for the company and could be as lucrative as human market.

Dr Richardson says Blis is already over the first regulatory hurdle in the US after achieving safe status with its K12 probiotic.