14 Sep 2012

Nintendo reveals details of Wii U launch

1:19 pm on 14 September 2012

Nintendo has revealed it will launch two versions of its Wii U console.

The success of the original Wii surprised even Nintendo as people who'd never played computer games bought it to keep fit or entertain dinner party guests.

Wii U is geared to the serious player with two screens showing a perplexing array of data.

In addition to the basic 8 GB model, Nintendo will sell a deluxe 32 GB version in the United States and Japan.

Priced at $300 - $400, the Wii U is a little more expensive than its rival Sony and Microsoft.

Nintendo also has the problem of worldwide sales of computer games consoles falling sharply.

Over the past year sales have fallen 40% as more people choose to play games on their smartphones.

The Wii U hits American stores on 18 November and goes on sale in Japan on 8 December.