29 Mar 2012

Australian streaming service launches in NZ

8:02 pm on 29 March 2012

Australian movie and television streaming service Quickflix launched in New Zealand on Thursday.

The service - which costs $17 a month - allows customers with a broadband connection to watch unlimited movies and TV shows on their computers, certain TVs, Blu-ray players and via PlayStation 3.

About 650 films from major Hollywood studios and hundreds of BBC shows will be available - with hundreds more added every month.

Sky TV currently dominates the digital television market in New Zealand and is soon to launch a stripped down internet-connected service, Igloo.

Quickflix chief executive Chris Taylor says people deserve more choice of content at a cheap price - and his company will deliver that.

"This market is ripe for picking in the sense that they're currently paying a huge price tag attached to the subscription television that Sky offer and in many instances they're forced to pay for product that they don't necessarily want, to get to the stuff they do.

"We're very confident that we'll see good uptake here and that Kiwis will take this service well."

Mr Taylor says it is working with broadband providers to make its service unmetere so it does not count towards customers' data usage.

Two providers - Orcon and Slingshot - have agreed to this system so far.