Green cabinet minister ruled out by Labor

12:25 pm on 29 August 2010

Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan has ruled out appointing Cabinet ministers from the Greens if Labor forms a minority government.

The ABC reports the current political situation in Australia has put parliamentary reform back on the agenda, with independent MP Rob Oakeshott raising the idea of a unity cabinet which would see ministers appointed from outside the government.

Greens leader Bob Brown embraced the concept, saying the major parties should consider appointing "very experienced Greens parliamentarians" like Christine Milne and Rachel Siewert.

But Mr Swan says that is not going to happen if Labor forms government.

"That is not on the table at all," he told Channel Ten on Sunday. "We are entering to discussions with the Greens as we are with the independents and members of other political parties as well."

But Mr Swan did say parliamentary reform is on table.

"Now is the opportunity to put in place some fundamental changes in terms of parliamentary reform, which I believe the Australian public will welcome," he said.

"I hope on this occasion we can break that gridlock.

"The government, if we are re-elected, is looking forward to a new environment in the parliament and some substantial parliamentary reforms."

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has held talks with Greens MP Adam Bandt, who has already indicated he will throw his support behind a Gillard government.

The ABC reports the Coalition now looks certain to take 73 Lower House seats, giving it a one seat lead over Labor.