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Waitangi Day 2021 for Friday 6 February 2015

Jesse Mulligan presents a special Waitangi Day show.

Waitangi On Screen

NZ On Screen's Irene Gardiner with a Waitangi Day selection of clips.

Favourite NZ songs - Not to Take Sides

Not to Take Sides by Sneaky Feelings is chosen by Brent Hansen.

My Reggae Song

Broadcaster Tainui Stephens introduces some local reggae acts which feature in the new TV series 'My Reggae Song'.

Jon Bridges

Comedian Jon Bridges chooses a comedy clip.

Mark de Clive-Lowe

LA-based music producer Mark de Clive-Lowe.

Grown Ups 2

Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt explain why they've watched 'Grown Ups 2' 50 fifty times.

Greg Semu

Berlin Artist in Residence Greg Semu.

Sam Pease

Writer Sam Pease talks about her international travels with son Jet.

Favourite NZ songs - April Sun in Cuba

April Sun in Cuba is chosen by publisher Finlay MacDonald.

Justice for Maori

With Mana Magazine's Aaron Smale.

Favourite NZ songs - Long Ago

Long Ago by Herbs is chosen by newsreader and Musician Greg Boyed.

Māori at Gallipoli

Te Papa curator Puawai Cairns has been researching the stories of Māori men at Gallipoli. She discusses their reasons for volunteering, what happened to them and reuniting families with the stories of their tīpuna tāne.

Favourite NZ songs - Bathe in The River

Bathe in The River by Hollie Smith is chosen by Labour MP Jacinda Adern.

Mani Dunlop in Waitangi

Mani Dunlop live from Waitangi.

What Does the Census Tell us?

With Professor Gary Hawke.

State of the Nation Panel

Waitangi Thursday 5 February 2015.

Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

People at Waitangi, 2015.

“Maori, when we are at our grumpiest, we will go for a walk; when we are feeling homicidal we will throw an egg or a tee-shirt, we are not Sinn Féin, we are not ETA, we are not ISIS...  we are open to dialogue and I think that that has contributed to the meilleur that we are in, and I’m optimistic for my children and my grandchildren.”
 - Dr Ella Henry

A special Waitangi Day panel discussion featuring senior lecturer in Maori Studies from AUT Dr Ella Henry; politician, banker and thinker Dr Don Brash; James Dunne - a constitutional lawyer and partner in the firm Chen Palmer, and  Associate Professor of Pacific Studies at Auckland University Dr Damon Selesa.

Host Jesse Mulligan is keen to get a snapshot of where we are as a nation - where we are getting things right, and where our potential challenges lie.