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Waitangi Day 2020 for Friday 6 February 2015

Jesse Mulligan presents a special Waitangi Day show.

8:06 State of the Nation Panel

Dr Don Brash, Dr Ella Henry, James Dunne and Professor Damon Selesa.

8:35 Mani Dunlop in Waitangi

8:40 What Does the Census Tell us?

Professor Gary Hawke.

9:06 Favourite NZ songs

Labour MP Jacinda Adern.

9:16 Maori at Gallipolli

Te Papa curator Puawai Cairns.

9:28 Favourite NZ songs

Newsreader and Musician Greg Boyed.

9:35 Justice for Maori

Mana Magazine's Aaron Smale.

9:50 Favourite NZ songs

Publisher Finlay MacDonald.

10:06 Writer Sam Pease talks about her international travels with son Jet

10:16 Berlin Artist in Residence Greg Semu

10:24 Grown Ups 2

Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt explain why they've watched 'Grown Ups 2' 50 fifty times

10:36 LA-based music producer Mark de Clive-Lowe

10:51 Comedian Jon Bridges chooses a comedy clip

11:06 My Reggae Song

Broadcaster Tainui Stephens introduces some local reggae acts which feature in the new TV series 'My Reggae Song'.

11:28 Favourite NZ songs

Brent Hansen chooses his favourite NZ song

11.50 Waitangi On Screen

NZ On Screen's Irene Gardiner with a Waitangi Day selection of clips.