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Waitangi Day 2020 for Friday 6 February 2009

After the news at 8, we speak to reporter Lois Williams live from Waitangi. Retired Professor of Linguistics at the University of Canterbury Elizabeth Gordon discusses the origins of the distinctive New Zealand accent. We catch up with Kiwis overseas - Lt Col Patrick Butterworth is in Sinai as part of the NZDF and fills us in on Waitangi Day, Egyptian style. Plus archive footage, waiata and Kiwiana.

After 9, we go live to London and speak to ex-pats Anna Groot of KEA and Tama Kirikiri, Chairperson of Ngati Ranana at their Waitangi Day celebrations in Shoreditch, East London. Eru Rerekura updates us live from Waitangi and gives a Maori perspective to today's events. Then Professor Bradford W Morse of the University of Ottawa speaks about Canada and their government's relationship with indigenous peoples compared to New Zealand.

At 10, Radio New Zealand National political editor Brent Edwards discusses the political ramifications live from Waitangi. Dr Aroha Harris of the University of Auckland explores Waitangi Day and its status as a national day. And Christchurch group Emeralds and Greenstone call into the studio to play a beautiful mix of Maori and folk sounds.

From 11, a panel of visitors to the Waitangi site give their impressions and thoughts on the day. We also check in with the Latin American community in Hamilton who are celebrating with empanadas by the lake. Kiwi comic Al Pitcher tells us about his new UK tour and about doing stand-up in Sweden. Finally, Hinemoana Baker joins us for poetry and conversation including the differences between the English and Maori versions of the Treaty of Waitangi. Plus some Fred Dagg, underarm bowling and a tune or two by the Patea Maori Club.