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Maori versus Chinese, Chinese versus Samoan, youth suicide, parental expectations and dairies run by Indians; just some of the diverse topics in a high energy theatre production with its very provocative title on a major tour to secondary schools across the country. Ensembleimpact Theatre have created Asian Invasion – Ten Token Tales by ten New Zealand playwrights. The performance doesn’t pull punches or punch-lines when it comes to breaking down negative stereotype about our Asian communities. Lynda heads to Saint Patricks College in Upper Hutt to hear what the students think and to meet the four dynamos bringing Asian Invasion to a stage near you: Benjamin Teh, Nikita Tu Bryant, Mayan Mehta and Chye-Ling Huang.

Gallery: Ten Token Tales

Asian Invasion
The finale song for Asian Invasion – Mayan Mehta, Chye-Ling Huang, Benjamin Teh and Nikita Tu-Bryant