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He was sentenced to death for his art and survived to paint on. Shi Lu (1919-82) was one of China’s most renowned masters of modern Chinese painting. Witness to the turmoil of China through its most turbulent revolutions and political times, Shi Lu spoke through his unique artistic vision. Lynda is at the launch of the once-in-a-life-time exhibition currently on display at Te Papa, meeting his daughter Shi Dan and observing the legacy of his extraordinary life and art.

Gallery: Shi Lu - An artist's story of survival

Shi Lu's painting tools on display with photographs at Te Papa
Shi Lu's painting tools on display with photographs at Te Papa

Coming up at Te Papa: Leading curators, historians and other experts will present insights into China’s art, culture and history at Te Papa on 15 May 2014.

This gathering promises to bring together leaders in their fields, along with members of the public, for fascinating commentary and discussion focusing on China’s unique qualities and international impact. The symposium is timed to coincide with two major exhibitions brought to Te Papa from the National Museum of China. Throne of Emperors explores two thousand years of history through the reigns of seven very different emperors and Shi Lu: A revolution in paint looks at the life of a Twentieth Century master of Chinese calligraphy and painting.

Te Papa curators will be walking participants through the exhibitions before Dr Claire Roberts presents her keynote speech, focusing on the paintings in each one. Dr Roberts will look in particular at the art of Shi Lu, and what it tells us about a turbulent time in his nation’s history.