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Imagine that your mother is well-known Wellington fashion designer Sophie Voon and your father is the photographer for this thriving family business. If you’ve grown up in the fashion industry it would probably come as no surprise that you would be comfortable treading the boards in front of hundreds. Sophie Voon’s daughters Poppy (11) and Olive (8) have explored their Chinese heritage every year since they were knee high to grasshoppers, by performing and modelling their mother’s Voon fashion range as part of the annual Chinese New Year Festival. This year is no exception as they grace the main stage at the Michael Fowler Centre and this time Poppy has had a hand in choreographing the performance. It’s all part of life, growing up on the catwalk.

Voon Fashion
Chinese New Year (Asian Events Trust)

Gallery: Growing up on the catwalk

Poppy Voon at New Clothes for the Year
Poppy modelling clothes for the Voon bridal collection