Pāmu Heihei Tihohehohe

We set up a backyard chicken coop and leisure area by converting an old playhouse into a coop, whacked a few warratahs around, attached some chicken wire and bought six highlay birds from a battery chicken farm. It's our way of fighting back against rising food costs.

Phil Swallow, fellow chicken-fancier and all-round handy man came round. We spent the afternoon converting the play house and erecting fencing. Looks good, eh?! Phil built the gate and supervised me putting together an egg laying box that's hinged on the top so the kids can easily gather the eggs.

Phil Swallo

Next I'll be attaching chicken-wire to the warratahs so I can have the coop ready for Darcy's first official site inspection. Hopefully our combined DIY skills and handiwork pass the test! Assuming Darcy gives the Funky Chicken Farm the OK, the next step's choosing the right chickens to be the best layers.

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