Friendly Foraging

“There’s food in them there hills.” Indeed there is!

The best bit is lots of it’s tasty, nutritious, free and fun to forage for, so in this series friendly forager Johanna Knox takes us into the wild spaces of urban New Zealand on the hunt for fresh food.

Go to Johanna’s foraging blog for clear guidelines on what to look for, pictures of the plants, berries and bulbs, as well as suggestions on the way to cook these wild treats, as well as details of their traditional uses.


Hey and take care out there because we don’t want anyone poisoning themselves or eating anything nasty. If you are in any doubt of a plant's identity, don't eat it. It's best to use multiple resources to identify a plant. Avoid foraging from polluted places or those that could have been sprayed with herbicide. Get permission before foraging on someone else's property.