5 May 2018

China leads the recycled battery charge

From This Way Up, 12:30 pm on 5 May 2018

Photo: Photo by Radovan on Unsplash

Bloomberg journalist Adam Minter is a man obsessed with rubbish, junkyards and the huge economies that underpin the recycling industry.

He tells us how US tariffs are forcing China to crack the challenge of manufacturing its own semiconductors – an essential building blocks in all digital devices.

"Although China long ago mastered the art of making products with semiconductors produced elsewhere...it wants to move beyond being a mere assembler. It aspires to being an originator of products and ideas, especially in cutting-edge industries such as autonomous cars. For that, it needs its own semiconductors" - Adam Minter

Plus, China uses the most lithium-ion batteries than in the world, and they're now leading the way in giving them a second life with the biggest and most advanced battery recyclers and reconditioners on the planet.

Also, why deleting Facebook isn't an option for many people in emerging economies, especially if you're running a small business trying to sell stuff.

When more than half a billion people using Facebook as a marketplace, ditching the social media platform as an act of protest just doesn't make financial sense

"From Asia to Africa, countries are learning that they need Facebook as much as Facebook needs them - and maybe more so" - Adam Minter.