9 Sep 2017

The sand collector

From This Way Up, 12:15 pm on 9 September 2017

We need sand to make glass, concrete, bricks and it's essential for beach volleyball, aquaria and of course building sand castles.

Sand is a huge global business today, and as we discovered on the programme back in June, there's a massive surge in demand for sand as our built environments continue to grow and grow.

Sand isn't just yellow grainy stuff you find at the beach, either.

It comes in all sorts of colours and shapes and every grain tells a story about the place it comes from; the mix of minerals, rocks, shells and man-made materials like plastic providing a unique snapshot of a place's geology and the forces at work shaping its future.

So although we tend to take sand for granted, perhaps it's no wonder that people collect sand, too.

Tonny Brinkman is a 93-year-old sand fan who has donated her collection of thousands of different sands from all over the world to the Auckland War Memorial Museum.