8 Jul 2017

Biopaints: coating cells to control them

From This Way Up, 12:45 pm on 8 July 2017

A cure for cancer isn't that far away, reckons AUT engineering professor Steve Henry. His tech outfit Kode Biotech has developed a way to change the appearance of cancer cells so that the immune system can recognise them and kill them.

Steve Henry of Kode Biotech

Steve Henry of Kode Biotech Photo: (Supplied)

The Kode system of biosurface engineering technology (aka 'biopaint') involves a special coating with a set of biological instructions on it that can stick to cells and other non-living surfaces.

So, for example, a hip replacement could be coated with a biopaint that tells bone cells to heal and grow and not reject the implant.

Potential future applications could include antimicrobial bandages that encourage healing, oral healthcare, disease diagnosis, and drug targeting, says Henry.