7 May 2016

Touch Tour

From This Way Up, 12:30 pm on 7 May 2016

Enjoying a music concert involves our sense of hearing, but we also experience it in many other ways too... What do the instruments look like? How do the performers interact? What is the venue like and how is it lit?

Small details, but they all contribute to the total experience...

Les Talens Lyriques are a French orchestra who play baroque, classical and pre romantic music on period instruments. At a recent concert of theirs in Wellington, Chamber Music New Zealand hosted a so-called Touch Tour.

It's an opportunity for audience members who are blind or have low vision to get close to these unusual instruments; to touch them, hear them, and learn about them in the company of an audio describer.

Participants wore small earpieces, and resident describer Nicola Owen was able to talk during breaks in the concert and describe what was happening on stage.

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