The Shoe That Grows

From This Way Up, 1:30 pm on 16 May 2015
Kenton Lee from the Shoe That Grows.

Kenton Lee from the Shoe That Grows. Photo: Supplied

Shoes that Grow.

Shoes that Grow. Photo: Supplied

As any parent can tell you, children grow out of shoes at an alarming rate.

The problem's particularly acute in the developing world where going without shoes can expose children to a host of soil-borne diseases. So what about a shoe that grows along with your child?

Kenton Lee was living and working in Kenya in 2007 when he saw a little girl walking to church in shoes that were too tight for her and had an idea; the Shoe that Grows.

It's an adjustable shoe that can be loosened and tightened with straps to move up 5 shoe sizes. Already thousands of pairs have been handed out in Kenya, Uganda and Haiti.